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Resilience for Extraordinary Results

  • Install a bullet-proof attitude

  • Install your true self

  • Build bullet-proof self-confidence

  • Create a purpose-driven life

  • End self-sabotage

Having all the aforementioned requires resilience. It can be taught and it can be learned. 

But first, you must unlearn what you've been taught AND heard all your life because most of it was false or the very least only half-truths that have misled you to further struggle, and replace them with new things that lead to understanding why some things work out and others do not.

So Book Online to find out what your true path is, reduce worry and stress as you go along your path, and finally, how to turn your goals into successful endeavours. Then rinse and repeat over and over for growing success.

Have You Suffered a Concussion? 

Dr. Joanny has several books that could help you recover a lot faster. First, you'll understand why your brain became weak in the first place. Then you'll get some strategies to deal with your concussion. 

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Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, B.Eng (Civil)

Suite 303, 108 Edgeridge Terr NW

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A 4H2 


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