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The Worst Year of My LIFE!


My grandfather was born a free man in China, but life was difficult. He had a young family and needed to make good on his promises as a father and head of the family. Life was hard if he could not dig out of being poor. So he made a bold move. He made a decision that would change his life and those in his family. He would go to Canada himself and seek his fortune.

He landed there and looked for work, but had to be creative. It’s not easy when people are suspicious of strangers. He did what he could. He succeeded and made enough money to return to China.

Back in China he put his hard earned money to work and he built a business. He became wealthy and life was good.

But there was danger on the horizon.

The Communists had taken control of China and they were beginning to resent whomever they felt were not their “comrades.” In particular anyone who was independently doing well for themselves. One night they swooped down on him and over night he LOST everything.


He found himself desperate again. But not defeated.

When a true need is identified, the solution appears.


Sometime later, he found out a man had booked tickets on a ship to Canada but this man changed his mind. My grandfather managed to get those tickets from him and under the names on those tickets, my grandfather took his youngest son, who would later be my father, to Canada.

My grandfather would return with my father a few more times including to choose a wife for my dad and then when the Canadian government dropped the head tax and for the last time, he got my grandmother and both my parents out of China. That last time was critical because China would close their borders AND not long after getting his family out, Mao Tse-Tung began his purge with the Cultural Revolution when Mao murdered untold tens of millions of his own people.

I may not have been born if my grandfather hadn’t risked much and sacrificed to get his family out of China.


I am the first-born of my parents and I had no idea what my grandfather's legacy would do for me. It would be many decades later that I realized I carried his genes. It helped me to overcome bad attitudes and threatening disease. 

A huge turning point in my life was a cancer scare when I was still in my thirties. This really got me. I had my annual checkup complete with a PAP test. A few days later my doctor called that they found something.


At her office, she told me there were abnormalities and that I needed to go in for exploratory surgery. She mentioned the C-word. I was SO upset. I’d done everything modern medicine told me to do. Exercise. Good diet. Apparently, they didn’t know everything about prevention.


I drove home, crying all the way. I was SO upset. I told my husband and no one else. I then began to do my own research.


I was at my gynecologist’s office when a nurse told me who back in the 1990s was getting cervical cancer: people who had multiple partners who had multiple partners. In other words – prostitutes!


Well, that was NOT me. I was a community leader. I was a professional engineer. I was a wife, mother, sister, daughter.


This episode had a much greater impact on me than the “reproductive” issues I had, though they certainly contributed to the stress I was experiencing at the time!  But I got quiet and made some important decisions, one being, that it was no longer acceptable to be a “good girl.” Enough was enough.


It was the worse year of my life, but it was also the best year of my life because it led me to do what I do today. Several years later, I left my career as a professional engineer to study Chinese medicine. Years later I started my practice and later began to study neuroplasticity, advanced psychology, and finally consciousness.

It was in my first year when my professor told us that one minute of anger hurts us more than the person or thing we’re mad at. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I began to understand what happened!


After I started my practice I began to study the brain, which led me to study psychological wellness based on Classical Chinese Medicine, which led me to advanced psychology taught by extraordinary people. My graduation from TCM school sent me my true teachers who taught me the mental/emotional causes of disease and injury AND misfortune.


That’s why mental health and mental resiliency are so important. 


But I know why I went through all this - it taught me that no matter what happened, I could turn on the mental resilience. And live on. And THRIVE. These experiences taught me about mental toughness and how to help others who are facing dilemmas. 


I was a professional engineer for 24 years. Being an engineer is about making sure my clients get the outcome they want. That’s the difference between myself and most MDs and therapists. It’s about results!

Challenge after challenge seem to follow each other.

Would you like to find out how to calmly smooth out life's ups and downs?

Would you like to find out how to cultivate great relationships that last a lifetime?

Would you like to find out how to be consistent game in game out?

Would you like to find out how to shut up those monsters of "doubt"?

Would you like to find out how to train your brain for success?


This is Resilience!


Dr. Joanny Liu is the Founder and Chief Human Potential Officer of Resilience for Extraordinary Resistance and Concussion Answers. A multi-time Resilience speaker at Harvard, bLU Talks and Brain Injury Canada, she is the author of 3 books, including the international bestseller, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game.

An award-winning speaker at Harvard Clubs in the USA, she has been featured on FOX, NBC, CTV, and Global TV and has spoken at Nasdaq where she inspired medical specialists, business leaders, and CEOs.

Dr. Joanny is also the recipient of the "Healing Visionary" award from Expert Story Summit and the recipient of the Corporate Vision Magazine award of "Leading Specialist of Concussion Treatment 2020."

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