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Doc Resilience

Love Your Life Without Fear of the Unknown

"Resilience is the Invisible Edge of Extraordinary Achievement."
~ Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, B.Eng(Civil)

Resilience is the oxygen of your successful and healthy present and future. Learn how to let go of past failures that haunt you, that create stress and hurt your body. Nothing will ever again deter or scare you. 

Look Out For My New Online Course!

Healing Insomnia - For Women Only

Comprehensive. Practical.
Insight of Women's Situations

I am creating this course because

  • women have more sleep problems than men do

  • women worry more than men

  • women too often put themselves last in the "take care" column

Transformation is the only type of change you want because they lead to permanent changes and a GREAT night's sleep

Healing Insomnia - For Women Only
is divided into two Parts.

Part I will tell you WHY you sleep so poorly. This is totally different from merely popping a pill or soaking in a warm bath and lighting candles! There are reasons very specific to women why sleeping is often interrupted or they can't fall asleep quickly.

Part II will give you solutions after you understand why you suffer from insomnia. These are practical and have worked in clinical practice.

True healing means you solve your problem forever; you learn how to prevent and you also know what to do if you get the occasional sleepless night.

RESILIENCE: The ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

Life always has challenges. But you can deal with them smoothly. Did you know that it's actually a myth to have ups and downs? The battles you fight are often the ones inside you. There are some HUGE life lessons to be learned about what Resilience really is.

Code of Ethics

My Code of Ethics comes from three sources:

Hippocrates, Professional Engineering & Chinese Medicine

"Do NO harm."

This is the ONLY and MOST important promise that ANY physician AND medical worker can make.

Professional engineers shall recognize that professional ethics is founded upon integrity, competence, dignity and devotion to service. They shall, in their areas of practice, hold paramount the health, safety and welfare of the public and have regard for the environment. They shall undertake only work that they are competent to perform by virtue of their training and experience. They shall conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, fairness and objectivity in their professional activities. In rendering professional services, they shall not discriminate  against, refuse to advise or provide treatment to patients on such grounds as age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, or socio-economic status.



I am the product of a courageous grandfather. I can be no less. 

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Farhanna came for healing a foggy brain, but while healing that issue, she received some very surprising and  unexpected SIDE BENEFITS.

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"Hello, I met Dr. Joanny on Linkedin and found out we had many things in common. A couple of those were the love of continuing to learn and the importance of goals. 

"Because of these, I decided to engage her services as a coach as I had been struggling with what I really wanted and where I wanted to be. She supported me in defining and refining my goals.

"Then through the lessons over the weeks, I found myself obtaining many of my goals and on the way to getting more.

"I would definitely recommend that if you are struggling that you have a chat with Dr. Joanny and see if she can help."

Brenda McKinley, Business Development 

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~ Michelle Krueck

Dr. Joanny Liu  helped me to climb huge mountains in the last year of my life, figuratively and literally. I feel great! In fact, so great that I just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I never would have been able to do that without the continued support, encouragement, and treatment by Dr. Liu. 

~ Barb Shurmer

She leads you to the doorway of healing for you to take the leap of faith through it to transform your life and heal yourself. I am blessed to have Dr. Joanny Liu as my masterful guide on my healing journey to wellness.

~ Wilson Aguette

I like the way Dr. Joanny treats her patients. She is very systematic which I have not seen with other medical professionals. She focuses on the source of the problem as well as your well being.

~ Ruth Winnitoy

I can walk and teach all my Jazzercize classes. I haven’t had a migraine in months. I sleep through the night. All of these results have improved my quality of life and my relationships. The most important product of seeing Dr. Joanny is that I have learned the tools to cope with adversity, whether it is physical or emotional, in my life. 

~ Harley Shouldice

Dr. Joanny Liu helped me to get all of the cards on the table quickly, so she could analyze and provide guidance as we broke down 50+ years of unproductive western-style programming. I began to see things from the wisdom of the ancients. Dr. Liu has taught me a number of important truths, and has restored my faith in myself and God.I have reduced or eliminated unhealthy items in my diet, exercise my mind and body on a regular basis, and sleep better at night.

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Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, B.Eng (Civil)

Suite 303, 108 Edgeridge Terr NW

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A 4H2 


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